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About Dr. Margolis

Dr. David Margolis, a licensed psychologist located in Portland, Maine He has been working with ADHD adults for over 30 years, helping them to meet their most pressing goals, whether it's finally getting a handle on personal financial management or completing a doctoral dissertation. He will treat you as a unique individual utilizing a collaborative approach to build a path to achieving your goals.  He will join you in a team effort to establish more effective strategies of dealing with avoidance, task completion, time management, impulsivity, and relationship building, to name but a few. Building self-esteem and confidence is an obvious outcome of personal goal attainment, which prepares you to address other goals in your life.  Dr. Margolis is a practitioner of  behavioral and cognitive-behavioral therapy to address related psychological disorders such as OCD, Depressive Disorders, and Anxiety Disorders which often acompany ADHD in adults.  

Dr. Margolis has worked successfully with professional business men and women, physicians, homemakers, attorneys, graduate and undergraduate students, all of whom have struggled managing time, memory, distractibility, both at home and at work. For individuals residing outside the Portland area, Dr. Margolis has offered behavioral coaching via telephone or Skype to address specific functional problems.  

To contact Dr. Margolis, call 207-780-1600 or by email: DrMargolis@adhd-adultsolutions.com. Dr. Margolis is a licensed Psychologist in the state of Maine, where he maintains a private practice specializing in the evaluation and treatment of adults with ADHD and related psychological disorders.

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